AF Youth Programs

Air Force Youth Program

Teen Consumer Scrapbook

You're a consumer too, right?  So why not make your voice heard? 

Military Teens on the Move

This site was designed to help the military teens on the move to help them cope with the military lifestyle and relocation.

Safe Teens

Your safety as a teen is important.  This site touches on all aspects of teen safety. 

Snag a Job

Find jobs exclusively meant for teens!

What you need to know about

Post your creative writing on this site dedicated just for teens! They give you ideas on characters, plot lines, editing, as well as recommended reading designed to refine your talent.

Teens Health

Want to look up health issues that are specific to teens?  Teens Health gives practical advice for everything from acne to food and fitness.

Teens, Crime and the Community

Are you an aspiring crime fighter?  This site is dedicated to teens wanting to get involved in law enforcement in their community. 

Teen Reads

Get some great reading ideas and talk about them or read reviews.  A great source of information!

Thematic Pathfinders for All ages
Choose a topic and explore a pathfinder tailored to your needs.  Find definitions, activities, resources, projects and much more.
A+ Click
Practice thousand of math skills like Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Analysis, Logic, Applied, word problems for Grades 1 to Grade  12
Images of life on Earth
Story Snoops

Story Snoops 

Your guide to life after high school in Florida.  With opportunities to succeed in the future.

Find information on scholarships, manage your money, find career, glossary of college and financial aid terms, etc.


World Countries and Atlases and more


Midlink Magazine
An electronic magazine for children between the ages of 10 through 15.


Read about awesome volunteers. This site provides children the opportunity to submit their writing and artwork.
Teen Movie Critic

Reviews and criticisms on movies that today's teens are watching.  This critic rates what is good, excellent or a definite must-see.



Youth in Action 

  Get involved, be part of the decision-making process, join various organizations.  Let your voice be heard.

Youth in Crime Watch Of America 

 Youth-led program that mobilizes youth & communities to reduce violence.

Congressional Youth Leadership Council

Educational youth leadership conferences and programs.


News organization for kids 10 through 18. CE gives children  the opportunity to report about current events, people and express their own views on issues affecting their lives.




Ask Dr. Math
Got question about your math assignments? Browse the archives of past questions and learn how to solve puzzles. Great for middle school, high school, and college students.

Teen Help
Teen Help provides information, resources, and services to assist teens who are in need of help. Great resources for parents and child care professionals.
Kids Web
A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids.
Kidsí Money
Money management articles and related links for kids.
The Student Center
Get information about college, today's news and weather, information about HIV and AIDS, and have some fun -- all in The Student Center.
Research Topics for Kids
Are you writing a research paper? This site contains relevant information to almost anything. There is an alphabetical index available for searching by subject.
Super Sitter
rom MedAccess
Great tips for babysitters. Mostly focuses on health and safety issues.

Teen Advice Online
Supporting teens with a network of peers from around the world is the goal of this site. There's help on finding answers and a great place to chat with other teens.

                 Peer Pressure and Identity
                         This site contains a list of books available on the topic of peer pressure and identity.


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