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Select a Database

CultureGrams: This database provides a comprehensive easy-to-use educational tool for understanding people and cultures around the world.   Look through the photo gallery and experience the world with hundreds of exciting images, history, glossary, and statistical data.  Search for a famous person, listen to a country's national anthem, and try making an authentic recipe selected from the Recipe Collection. 

EBSCOhost WebAllows you to choose from a list of database that provides you with an extensive collection of full text articles, peer reviewed journals, summaries, historical documents, videos, photos, reports, blogs, and much more.       

Encyclopedia Britannica Online: Fast and easy access to research tools and reliable sources.  This database also includes Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Gale Group Infotrac: 
Contains a list of cross-searchable products that allows you to choose the area of interest.  To include Military and Intelligence, Academic General, Opposing Viewpoints,  Student Resource Center, Books and Authors, Literature Criticism, Global issues, Career Transition, and many more.  You may also download e-books from our Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Learning Express Library:
To access Learning Express Library 3.0, you must log in with your library card, then click on "Online Reference Resources" then "Online Databases".  Or you may access it through the Air Force Portal.
This database provides you with resources gear to help with practice tests, exercises, courses, and information that will aid you in achieving the results you want at school, work, and in your daily life. Click on Index to view what courses are available...  Index    

NADA: Need to sell your vehicle? This site provides you with information on new and used vehicle pricing for all types of cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, and RVs.  View product highlights and get up-to-the-minute news and articles related to the industry.

Peterson's Online: Peterson's and the U.S. Air Force are proud to introduce your launching point to education and career success.  You have free access to the CLEP/DSST Center that offers online practice test and comprehensive content to help you find the right educational program, or prepare for an important exam.

Proquest NewspaperDirect Press Reader: This easy  to use interface provide patrons online access to English and foreign language newspapers and magazines around the world .  Collection includes instant translation, table of content, full-color images, and full-page format of over 400 U.S. and International titles.